Photo collage NCJW Sacramento community service

Mitzvah in a Minute (MIM) projects offer the opportunity to do a community service in only a few hours. We have provided Hanukah gifts for families in need, collected household goods for refugee families, made peanut butter and jelly sandwich sack lunches for the River City Food Bank and sorted Gala clothes for graduates of Women’s Empowerment. To volunteer, contact Sheila Wolfe.

In May 2019, the section launched its inaugural Speakers Series with a program entitled “Me Too, What to Do”. Then came “You Be the Judge”, a dynamic interactive civic engagement training. “White Privilege and the Jewish Community was a workshop focused on the societal pervasiveness of white privilege and how it appears in Jewish communities and institutions. Last in the series was “Paving the Way: Women’s Struggle for Political Quality in California” illustrating historical anecdotes of the courageous trailblazing women who overcame all odds to lead our state. Contact Beryl Michaels for more information about our Speaker Series.

Volunteers from NCJW Sacramento help to provide meals to the residents of Sister Nora’s Place. On the second Wednesday and the fourth Thursday of each month, section members prepare meals to take to Sister Nora’s Place. Six teams of women prepare meals and deliver them on a rotating basis, so each team prepares four meals a year. Often, team members stay and have dinner with the women living there. Please contact us to volunteer. For more information on Sister Nora’s Place visit:

When you are cleaning out your closet, check with us to find a way to donate to our Women’s Empowerment (WE) clothing collection and help deserving women reach her goal. Professional business attire is what is need for the job interview and part of the education process of WE empowering women who are homeless and in need with the skills necessary to get a job. View: Women’s Empowerment Wish List