Mitzvah in a Minute (MIM)

Books and more for Leataata Floyd School

books for Leataata Floyd school
Thanks to the generosity of our members at the Opening Meeting in October, we restocked the Leataata Floyd Elementary School nurse supplies and purchased nearly 200 brand new books for the school. We fulfilled requests from two teachers for new class novels. In addition to the class novels, we supported a major book drive to provide students and classrooms with books that cover topics that are important to the school such as growth mindset and social-emotional learning as well as books that are culturally responsive and diverse. The books were handed out last week and have been so appreciated by staff and students (these smiles say it all!).

$5 Friday for Leataata Floyd Hygiene Kits!
Donate $5 on Friday, January 21st or 28th to buy supplies for hygiene kits for 51 girls and 46 boys in 5th and 6th grades at Leataata Floyd Elementary School. The hygiene kits are provided to each student and used by the school nurse (Nurse Tawney) to help teach personal hygiene and about puberty, including management of menstrual cycles. A quick donation whenever you can, or by Friday the 28th, will be put towards these supplies. Click here to make a donation: $5 Friday for Leataata Floyd

For more information about Leataata Floyd projects, contact Jenny Pierre.

Survival On the Streets

The Survival On the Streets Mitzvah in a Minute (MiM) held a two-week neighborhood collection drive from October 10-24, 2021 benefitting Women’s Empowerment (WE), a local non-profit organization, committed to supporting, educating and empowering women facing the challenges of homelessness. NCJW Sacramento Neighborhood Connectors, the MiM team, and scores of members throughout our area, made it happen. We beat all our expectations and dreams! In addition to contributing over 750 snack paks, 500 bottles of water, $315 worth of gift cards, 136 Rain Ponchos, 136 flashlights and batteries, 23 individual pepper spray devices, 10 umbrellas and lots of travel size cosmetics, socks and hygiene products, we raised approximately $3,600 to use for safety, survival and emergencies in the months to come. The generous donations will really go a long way to making a real difference in our community. “We love and really appreciate NCJW,” said Zoe Fishman, WE Development Director. “You listen to what we need and make that happen!”.

slideshow mcjw sacramento mitzvah in a minute
It’s a Shopping Mitzvah! A Big Day of Shopping Benefitting Women’s Empowerment Graduates!

Our Big Day of Shopping on May 27, 2021 was successful on many levels! Our thanks to everyone who shopped and donated to this mitzvah benefitting the graduates of Women’s Empowerment.

The mitzvah kept the important work of Women’s Empowerment (WE) in the spotlight. Many of our members renewed their connection with Total Beauty Experience and some shopped there for the first time. We engaged our members and formed a terrific partnership with Total Beauty Experience. Yay!

We generated $477 worth of proceeds via our partnership with Total Beauty Experience and $427 through donations to NCJW Sacramento. photo collage of gift bags and beauty products

Those funds provided for eight full gift packs for graduates of WE’s Job Readiness Program – including the cosmetic & travel bag, pepper spray, shower/spa balls, candle, high quality hand lotion and lip balms, tissue holder, personal rechargeable fan, a $15 target gift card and a note of encouragement from NCJW. In addition, nine (9) RENEW program graduates will receive a gift bag with the products at their graduation next week. In total, 17 local women, facing homelessness and many other challenges, will be touched by our support and generosity. Beautiful!

To the Community Services Team and everyone who shopped, donated online, ordered products, wrapped gifts, attended graduation and supported this Mitzvah, a big THANK YOU from Women’s Empowerment and your NCJW Sacramento team.

Art with a Heart for Teens in Foster CareFreda Fund logo

Contribute art materials, wrap gifts and make contactless deliveries of art-filled birthday gift baskets to teens in foster care living in the San Juan, Twin Rivers and Sacramento City School Districts. Freda Fund, a project of the Sacramento Child Abuse Prevention Council, provides teens in foster care with a special birthday gift and group party each quarter. This May, each teen will receive a pre made pottery bowl, brushes and glazes to decorate their own special cereal, soup or decorative bowl. The bowls will then be picked up, fired at a local kiln and returned to each teen—filled with birthday cupcakes, a gift card from Freda Fund and art materials donated by NCJW members. Each teen will use their own special birthday gifts during a May 2nd Zoom birthday party celebration for all involved.

slideshow of volunteers

For more information, contact Sheila Wolfe or Phyllis Needelman. Learn more about Freda Fund and support for teens in foster care at

Past Mitzvah in a Minute Projects

Please visit the website pages of our community partners and share your support for their year-round efforts to serve our communities in need.

A Focus on Minds and Moods What a Mitzvah!Meals on Wheels logo
NCJW Sacramento’s Mitzvah in a Minute

Benefitting Sacramento’s Meals on Wheels
Help Meals on Wheels enhance their winter meal delivery service by donating activity materials to their packages for over 2000 seniors throughout Sacramento. Click here for information on how you can make a donation and to contact an NCJW Neighborhood Coordinator at a location near you.

Bring a Six-Pack of Toilet PaperSacramento Loaves and fishes logo
Contribute a six pack, or more, of pre-wrapped toilet paper to assist in addressing the health and hygiene needs of men, women and children who are homeless and seeking survival services in our region. Neighborhood Collection Week: Sunday October 18 – Thursday October 22, 2020. Benefiting Loaves and Fishes. Click here for more information and to contact an NCJW Neighborhood Coordinator at a location near you.

Fill a Backpack Drive Sacramento Children's Home logo
NCJW Sacramento has once again partnered with the Sacramento Children’s Home (SCH) for the Summer MIM 2020 “Fill A Backpack” drive to provide the basic school supplies for those who cannot.