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Join the War Effort to Fight COVID-19: NCJWSac #SEW2SAVE
Please see our Sew2Save slideshow which tells our story in pictures.

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August 25, 2020

Farm Workers Socially Distant
The farm workers in this pic are working in the pistachio nuts orchards in Yolo/Sutter counties near the northern part of the Sacramento River. Credit: jo/crlaf
“Your mask donations made all the difference. They got to them at exactly the right time. Not just to protect them from the Coronavirus, but, right now they’re also dealing with the toxic smoke and dangerous ashes from the debris of all the wildfires around us…”

– Juanita Ontiveros, California Legal Rural Assistance Foundation

Learn more about recent efforts by Sew2Save to sew cloth masks and save lives.

July 15, 2020

Thank you to the over 40 volunteers who made 1200 cloth masks to help keep Sacramento safe through the NCJWNCJW Sacramento Sew2Save cover slide Sacramento project, Sew2Save. Donated to community organizations and health care providers in need, NCJW Sac and friends are making a positive difference! And we can do it while sheltering in place. Our next goal is 600 more masks to bring our total to Chai x 18= 1800 masks. What a mitzvah! If you would like to sew, help in distribution and/or donate for materials, please contact us.

May 12, 2020

“The work you are all doing is so important and is a shining example of human kindness.”

– Catherine Smith, Manager of Operations, Mercy Foundation, in response to delivery of masks for Mercy providers

Our sewists and material gatherers have been busy. 200 masks to be picked up this week, and another 200 mask kits to be distributed this week. The demand is endless so we are always in need of volunteers. As soon as the mask kits are made by the amazing Diane Scanlon, we will distribute to our list of volunteers. So please join the ever-growing sewing circle. It is an amazing group of women who put their fingers, and sewing machines, to work. Please contact Claire if you are interested. Many hands, make lighter work!

May 5, 2020

NCJW Sacramento sew2save masks donated
With another very generous donation of fabric by our local Quilter’s Garden, we will be making more mask kits soon! We can reach 1000 masks with your help. We have had so many busy hands and a number of you are on our waiting list for the mask kits when they are ready next week. But we still need more of you wonderful volunteers. With the new donation, only sewists will limit what we can do to reach our goal and set a new one! Can you help? Contact Claire.

May 1, 2020

Women’s Empowerment is handing out care packages to women experiencing homelessness with the masks made by NCJW volunteers and the masks are protecting staff serving these women. Veterans Administration, Mercy Health System and Women’s Empowerment have very gratefully received our completed masks. We still need donations of quilters cotton and sewing help to fill the huge demand for masks for regional organizations.

We were given a donation of 34 yards of quilters cotton by Quilters Corner and Joanne’s Fabrics (thank you!) and generous donation of more material by Peggy Goldstein and donation of fabric and elastic by Diane Scanlon and Delia Raskov. You will be provided with pre-cut cloth for the masks as well as pre-cut elastic to make a set number of masks. We can drop off the mask kits to your home and pick up the finished masks. We are hoping that you can commit to making a minimum of 15 masks. Please contact Claire if you can help our health care providers, our loved ones and ourselves!

April 13, 2020

NCJW Sacramento #Sew2Save thanks the amazing volunteers who have finished 200 gorgeous masks to help in the fight against COVD 19. We have more volunteers signed up waiting for materials which we hope will come next week to make another 100 masks.

The first batch will be delivered next week to local health care facilities and to Women’s Empowerment for those in need. We can make more with donations of material, like quilters cotton, elastic and your sewing time.

This truly is a time when our best selves shine through. We have organized NCJW Sacramento’s #Sew2Save so we can help during this crisis by sewing masks. You do not have to be a member of NCJW to join in the effort! And if you would like to invite other people who sew please do so.

With the help of friends, we have now identified a hospital system which has indicated their preferred mask style, pattern and material. Also, we have created a way to get necessary material to you and to pick up finished masks so you do not have to leave your homes.

You will be provided with precut cloth for the masks as well as precut elastic to make a set number of masks (thank you Diane Scanlon). This material follows the specifications listed in the video sewing instructions:

NCJW Sacramento Board Member, Claire Lipschultz, was recently interviewed during “The Afternoon News with Kitty O’Neal – NewsRadio KFBK” about NCJW Sacramento’s #Sew2Save project. Click here for the story and interview.

Contact us for more information about NCJW Sacramento’s #Sew2Save.