Neighborhood Connectors

Photo collage of 20 NCJW Sacramento members at a meeting
Sheila Wolfe and Carol Goodman-Gane hosted a hugely successful in-person neighborhood connector meeting with over 20 Neighborhood Connectors, excited to begin reaching out to the members in their geographic area.

It’s official! The NCJW Sacramento Neighborhood Connectors Network 2.0 has launched! We’re calling, emailing and reaching out to our membership at a neighborhood level – getting to know each other and strengthening our network of connections for community service projects, welcoming new members and making a difference in our communities. Many neighborhoods are already covered and several are not. It’s a fun job so please click here to contact Sheila Wolfe or Carol Goodman-Gane to become a Neighborhood Connector – especially in the Northeast Carmichael, Roseville/Folsom/Lincoln & Grass Valley areas.