The Advocacy and Education (A&E) committee is your opportunity to learn about the social and economic justice issues of the day and engage in improving the lives of women, families and children in California and the Sacramento region.

The A&E committee meets monthly to discuss and plan Section involvement in policy and legislative advocacy at the local and state level. Our participation with community and statewide coalitions, such as A Stronger California* and the California Interfaith Coalition**, amplifies our power as we advocate at the state legislature and Sacramento City and County Councils. Our priorities are based on the resolutions and priorities of the national organization, NCJW, Inc. as appropriate for the unique local and state landscape. The Section Policy Chair, currently Pat Sturdevant, guides local initiatives and is the Section lead for statewide advocacy through the network of NCJW Sections in California, NCJW CA***, including its annual Lobby Day.

The A&E Committee also plans and implements educational programs on germane issues through the Speaker Series subcommittee. The Speaker Series presents local, state, and national experts who discuss issues important to our community and state and who help identify advocacy and community service activities attendees can take to promote social justice.

The A&E committee regularly coordinates with the Community Service committee to ensure synergy between advocacy and direct service.

Committee meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. We welcome everyone to join us and love new project ideas. If you have a passion, bring it and we’ll help to make it happen!

For more information about attending an A&E meeting, contact Barbara Baran.
Issues that we have recently addressed through the A & E committee include:

• Immigrant Justice
• Gun Violence Prevention
• Human Trafficking
• Voter Engagement
• Hunger
• Reproductive rights, health and justice
• Police reform
• Foster youth
• Women’s equity
• Childhood poverty
• Childcare
• Climate Change

*A Stronger California is a highly successful coalition of advocacy groups and organizations focused on women and families. The objective of A Stronger California is to ensure fair pay and job opportunities; expand access to affordable quality early childhood care and education; support family-friendly workplaces and build economic security through statewide policy and legislative advocacy. NCJW sits on the steering committee.

**The California Interfaith Coalition, co-founded by NCJW CA, brings together California’s faith community to advocate for families, particularly the most vulnerable. The Coalition includes statewide representatives from major faith groups including National Council of Jewish Women, the California Catholic Conference, Friends Committee on Legislation of California, Council of American Islamic Relations California, Lutheran Office of Public Policy-CA, California Church IMPACT and GRACE. The Coalition has successfully advocated at the state legislature and Governorʼs Office on immigration and anti-poverty issues.

***NCJW CA is a statewide network of NCJW Sections in California. It is chaired by State Policy Advocates (SPA), currently Barbara Baran and Claire Lipschultz, who are appointed by the national organization, NCJW Inc. The SPAs are responsible for identifying annual policy and legislative priorities and organizing statewide advocacy around them. To engage members in that advocacy, the SPAs provide education on key issues, send out action alerts, and organize an annual Lobby Day in Sacramento. Your help is needed throughout the year to reach out to legislators and the Governor at key moments. Let us know if you can help by contacting Barbara Baran or completing the NCJW Sacramento Join the Rapid Response Team form. Click here for news on NCJW California activites.