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In May, seven NCJW Sacramento members headed to Washington, D.C. to join NCJW advocates and changemakers from across the country for our national conference.

I was fortunate to be one of those seven. I came away from Washington Institute inspired by our collective power and influence as we take on abortion access, voting rights, antisemitism, equity, and the myriad of progressive issues at the heart of NCJW’s mission to improve the lives of women, children, and families.

For me, however, experiencing NCJW at the national level made me even more proud of what we have created here in Sacramento. Together, we have fostered a dynamic, multi-generational community of passionate and compassionate women who are working arm-in-arm to protect the most vulnerable in society.

In fact, our Washington Institute delegation included someone from five decades – one each in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and two in their 70’s – emblematic of the vibrancy of our section and an example of l’dor v’dor – the Jewish concept about the importance of passing on traditions and stories – from generation to generation. We came away from the conference more connected and more committed to advancing our section’s work.

Will you help us sustain our section by becoming a member? As a member of the NCJW Sacramento Section, you will be part of the multi-generational force that advocates on behalf of women, children, families, and the disenfranchised. Members receive invitations to a broad range of local events and our newsletter, “The Bulletin”.

We appreciate your membership at whatever level you choose. Select your membership contribution:
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Eileen Jacobowitz
Board President, NCJW Sacramento

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