Hear our stories: NCJW Sacramento

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There’s no organization quite like us. We are a sisterhood of women working to repair the world.  NCJW is where you can find your passions, explore your skills, and use them to make a difference in the community. We advocate, we educate, we serve the Sacramento community. We learn from each other, have fun and form lifelong friendships.

The following are some of the heartfelt personal stories shared by our members, community partners and friends. We hope they will inspire you to join or make a donation as we continue our work on behalf of women, families, children, and the disenfranchised.

Barbara B. image
Barbara Baran explains how NCJW provides a home for her passions. “It’s really unique – there aren’t many organizations like it.”
Farmworker thanks NCJW Sacramento
Farmworkers express their appreciation to NCJW Sacramento for providing much-needed face masks to help protect them during the wildfires of 2020 and from COVID-19.
Marion Leff image
Marion Leff, NCJW Sacramento member, talks about her appreciation for the section’s advocacy and education efforts.
Completing the NCJW Sacramento Leadership Program enabled Annie to think about how she can apply her skillset in the community. Leadership Program graduates have taken on a variety of community service and advocacy and education projects.
“I’m proud and grateful for the advocacy efforts of NCJW when it comes to combatting human trafficking…”.
– Maggy Krell, Human Rights Lawyer
Sunny Romer Image
Sunny Romer talks about how we collected over 1,000 rolls of toilet paper for Loaves and Fishes.
Pat Sturdevant image
Hear NCJW Sacramento Board Member, Pat Sturdevant, talk about the work of our Section Policy Advocacy committee.
Anne Eisenberg image

“NCJW Sacramento is a wise and caring sisterhood.”
– Anne Eisenberg, Immediate Past President
Hear NCJW Sacramento member, Naomi Rice, express how she feels about taking part in the legislative process during NCJW California’s Lobby Days.
Watch NCJW Sacramento Board Member, June Wiaz, talk about NCJW Sacramento’s 2020 end-of-year fundraising “appeal.”
Hear about the knitting/crocheting project to make baby blankets that Barbara Kletzman started over 10 years ago.
Hear about Davida’s participation to create life-saving masks during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hear what Bruce Pomer, President-Elect, Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region has to say about NCJW’s policy and community organization.
Hear how Board Member Bobi Gould is able to let her voice be heard about issues affecting our community.
Hear Lisa Culp express her appreciation to NCJW for the essential support provided to Women’s Empowerment.