Welcome NCJW Sacramento’s Newest Board Members

ncjw sacramento new board members
Amanda Eastman (L) and Karen Oakley (R)

Welcome to our newest Board members, Amanda Eastman and Karen Oakley! Amanda and Karen have accepted appointments to fill vacant Board seats through June 2022. We’re thrilled to have them bring their experience and passion to the Board.

As Amanda describes herself, “I’m a single mom of a smart, bi-racial toddler who is already the boss. While momhood is intense and takes most of my energy and time, I’m passionate about social justice and want to do whatever I can to support the movement to end racism, hate and intolerance. I also want to be a part of something bigger to truly combat injustice, poverty, and inequities within our community and nation, and help make the world a little better for my kiddo to grow up in.”

Karen’s first experience with NCJW Sacramento was as a participant in the Leadership Training Cohort 2. She recently became involved with the Speakers Series and 73Forward. Karen has a Masters degree in Business Administration. She is retired after forty plus years in the corporate world, which included management positions in accounting and project planning. She is excited about working with the NCJW team.

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