View webinar recording: NCJW CA 2020 “Justice” Ballot Propositions

We are providing a link to the 2020 California “Justice” Propositions webinar sponsored by statewide NCJW Event TitleCalifornia and the Sacramento and Los Angeles Sections. For those who attended the program, we hope you found it informative and helpful for your advocacy on Propositions 15, 16 and 17. For those who could not attend, we recorded the program which you can watch through the link below. The speakers were excellent and made a strong case for how passage of these propositions will positively impact equity in California. Thank you to those who submitted questions; you enriched the program. Our speakers were impressed with the quality of this participation.

Please feel free to share this link and the information below with your organizations and networks of friends and family.

Webinar recording:

For up to date information and advocacy tools for the proposition campaigns, visit the following campaign websites:

Prop. 15
Prop. 16
Prop. 17

In the remaining weeks until the election, please join us in promoting and protecting the vote. NCJW CA has partnered with Vote Forward for nonpartisan letter writing to underrepresented voters. Go to to register and start “adopting” voters. For more information on the get out the vote campaign, email Claire Lipschultz or Barbara Baran

Please follow @NCJWCalifornia on Facebook at National Council of Jewish Women-California for current programs, commentary and advocacy opportunities throughout the year.

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Working with you toward justice,
Claire Lipschultz and Barbara Baran
NCJW CA Policy Advocates

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