NCJW Sacramento Rocks with Socks!

Many thanks to the 50+ NCJW members, friends, and family who participated in our Hanukkah Sock It To Me Sunday event and to everyone who gave generously online to this double Mitzvah in a Minute – benefitting Womens’ Empowerment (WE) and Leataata Floyd Elementary School (LFS).

slideshow of members and event attendees smilingWe received three huge boxes of socks plus multiple bags, with more socks to be purchased and donated to the children and families of WE and LFS.

The original NCJW O – bingo mixer game  – was the perfect activity for connecting with each other. The B’nai Israel social hall was filled with happy people having fun – from the dreidel and menorah making table to the classic dreidel game spin off, olive oil sales and photo station – there was joy all around.

Upper Crust Bakery’s delicious Sufganiyot, our many holiday stories, and the engaging retelling of the Hanukkah story, filled our appetites for culture and spirit.

Thank you NCJW Sacramento!

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