Board Member Meets with VP Harris to Talk About Abortion Access

Claire and VP Kamala Harris

On Monday, June 6, NCJW Sacramento board member Claire Lipschultz met with Vice President Kamala Harris along with nine other faith leaders for a Roundtable discussion on protecting reproductive rights.  It was an honor for Claire to represent NCJW at the table.

She spoke about the need to change the prevailing faith-based anti-abortion narrative to a faith-based narrative that embraces the autonomy and dignity of human beings to make decisions regarding their bodies in accordance with their individual faith. In Judaism, abortion is not only permitted but sometimes required.

Claire shared her personal story about being able to safely access an abortion which allowed her to plan her future and start a family with the right partner at the right time. “Because of the values and laws of my country, I was able to make this decision according to the traditions of my faith, in consultation with my rabbi — free from government interference,” she stated. Read more: Readout of Vice President Harris’s Meeting with Faith Leaders on Reproductive Rights

Click here to view Claire’s Facebook post.
Click here to read the news story published in NCJW Inc.’s website.

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