NCJW Commends Biden Administration’s Commitment to Combat Islamophobia

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) proudly supports the Biden administration’s commitment to combat Islamophobia by developing a strategy involving various government agencies. Introducing a national strategy to counter Islamophobia will be a pivotal step in building safer communities and a safer country for Muslims. An overwhelming majority — 62% — of Muslims report feeling religion-based hostility in America, accelerated in recent years at alarming rates.

We lauded the administration when they recently created the first ever whole-of-government approach to combat antisemitism. We know what it feels like to be seen and heard through this administration’s comprehensive approach to combating hate, and we are grateful that our Muslim neighbors now have that support, too.

Everyone deserves to live free from fear and prejudice. We are stronger as a nation when we are able to honor, respect, and celebrate one another in all aspects of who we are, and we are dedicated to creating a society where hatred has no place.

NCJW looks forward to collaborating with the Biden administration and our Muslim partners in this critical work battling Islamophobia. Together, we can build a more inclusive, compassionate and just society.

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