A Great Roll Out: Volunteers Deliver Toilet Paper Donations to Loaves and Fishes

NCJW Sacramento delivers toilet paper to Loaves and Fishes

A big thank you goes to all our volunteers for calling, collecting, connecting, carrying and coming through on this much needed Mitzvah in a Minute (MIM) Toilet Paper Drive. Our volunteers “rolled in” at Loaves and Fishes on October 23rd to deliver approximately 1,500 rolls of toilet paper.

Twila and Carol delivering toilet paper
Twila (L) and Carol (R) proudly show off their collection of toilet paper from generous donors.

From Loaves & Fishes:
“Toilet paper drives allow Loaves and Fishes to keep their restrooms, and their clients, well supplied with toilet paper, without drawing funds away from other life-saving survival support services provided by Loaves and Fishes. Clean, well-stocked restrooms are a luxury for people experiencing homelessness, which is why Loaves and Fishes goes through an immense amount of toilet paper – providing an estimated 1,000 homeless individuals a day with toilet paper.”

From our volunteers:

“It was really nice to see real people in real time and physical space! Thanks for organizing this, Sheila, Sunny and Shirley.”
– Lisa B.

“It was fun to see everyone and participate.”
– Elena

Carol and TP donations
Carol G. brings in toilet paper donations from Fair Oaks/Gold River/Folsom donors

“I’ve never seen 15 plus people have so much fun doing a mitzvah project. I think being able to connect in person, all of us a bit jazzed with all the TP we collected. And, maybe the most important mitzvah was that of connecting. We need to continue these projects. I have to say, when I suggested neighborhood coordinators calling people and then all of us coming together, I just had no idea how important it was. And, meanwhile, clearly, Loaves and Fishes folks were happy.”

– Sunny

“Thank you for your hard work and for taking all the rolls to Loaves and Fishes

– Susan

This NCJW Sacramento Mitzvah in a Minute has a direct impact in our community today and will for months to come!

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