December 16

NCJW Sacramento Speaker Series and NCJW Israel Programs present: An Exploration of Gender Equity in Israel

11:00 am — 1:00 pm

This event will be held via Zoom

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December 16, 2020 via Zoom
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NCJW’s Connecting for Impact Fellowship, a prestigious leadership program for top CEOs and Executives was initiated by NCJW Israel, in addition to our well-established Israel Work. Join us to learn more about both in “An Exploration of Gender Equity in Israel.”

Shifting attitudes and enabling social change is the goal of Ruah Nashit -The Woman’s Spirit and “ltach-Maaki” Women Lawyers for Social Justice. Women’s lack of power isn’t just gender inequity: it puts children at risk, leaves women vulnerable to domestic violence and human trafficking and traps them in a cycle of financial instability.

These two organizations in Israel are working to empower women to achieve economic self- sufficiency and equal participation in political policy decision making. Join us to learn from advocates Tamar Schwartz and Netta Loevy the progress their organizations are advancing to grow the feminist impact in Israel. Tamar Schwartz is a CFI fellow from the first cohort. Itach-Maaki received support from NCJW’s Israel Work.

NCJW’s Connecting for Impact Fellowship: Strengthening the Feminist Ecosystem In Israel

NCJW’s Connecting For Impact Fellowship, a prestigious leadership development program for top CEOs and Executives looking to grow the feminist field in Israel and leverage their collective impact was established in 2018 by the National Council for Jewish Women and the NCJW Women and Gender Studies program at Tel Aviv University. This program directly responds to research findings that indicated the importance and vitality of creating platforms for feminist connection and collaboration.

Moderating the discussion is Liron Peleg Hadomi, NCJW’s Israel Representative.

Liron photo Liron Peleg Hadomi, is NCJW’s Israel Representative, overseeing all programming and relationships on the ground in Israel. She oversaw the creation of NCJW’s Connecting for Impact Fellowship and, since its creation has directed the program. She is responsible, also, for NCJW’s Israel Work.

Liron works to empower women, advance gender equality, and support the strengthening of civil liberties, democracy, and peace efforts. Over the last 20 years, she has worked as a CEO or consultant with a variety of civil society organizations committed to strengthening relations among communities in Israel through leadership development, learning exchange programs, and the creation of networks for social change. Peleg-Hadomi is part of the Global Leadership Network of vital voices.

Liron and Noha Khatib, local coordinators for an extension of the Vital Voices for Peace and Prosperity, were recipients of the vital Voices 2011 Fern Holland Global leadership Award, which honors and celebrates women leaders who work to strengthen democracy.

In 2014 Liron received the DVF Award from Fierce fashionista Diane von Furstenberg family foundation for her work with Noha Khatib on building bridges and bringing together Jewish and Arab women in Israel.

Tamar Schwartz, a CIF fellow, is the Executive Director of “Ruah Nashit” (“The Woman’s Spirit”), dedicated to helping Tamar Headshotwomen survivors of violence rebuild their lives through employment and financial independence. She was CEO of “Mesila”, Tel Aviv’s Special Unit for Refugees and Migrant Workers for eight years, working to change perceptions of that community while implementing new procedures on local and national levels for their benefit. Tamar has devoted herself to the neediest in society – children at risk and women victims of violence, creating kindergartens, libraries, after-school programs, educational centers, aid facilities for human trafficking victims, and more. Tamar has won awards for her unique work, including Israel’s Presidential Award for fighters of human trafficking.

Netta Loevy is the Director of Policy Advocacy at “Itach-Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice”.Netta Headshot
Itach-Maaki (“with you” in Hebrew and Arabic) is an Israeli advocacy organization working to create a society in which the needs of disenfranchised Arab and Jewish women are addressed and the voices of these women are heard in public/policy discourse.

Loevy has been a staff attorney at Itach Maaki since 2012. She is leading the project to advance the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 in Israel and the UN sustainable development goals for 2030.*

Prior to joining Itach Maaki, Netta was a documentary filmmaker and journalist. She worked as a news correspondent and anchorwoman for Channel 10, as an editor at the daily Yediot Acharonot newspaper and as an editor and correspondent for several radio stations in Israel.

* UN Security Council Resolution 1325 adopted in 2000 states that UN member states should act to ensure equal participation of women in all decision-making, protect them from violence and include gender assessment of diverse groups of women to prevent violence and promote peace.

For more information about Itach Maaki see: