October 22

NCJW Opening Meeting and Community-Wide Mitzvah In A Minute

2:00 pm — 4:00 pm

Sacramento, CA. Location provided upon RSVP.

Connect With Your NCJW Sisters and Assemble Abortion After-Care Kits

hands of a woman folded to form the shape of a heart
This year’s Opening Meeting offers much more than an occasion to nosh and schmooze with friends and learn about NCJW’s plans for the upcoming year.

It’s also an opportunity to touch the lives of women who have had abortions at our local Planned Parenthood clinics.

We’ll be assembling items for abortion aftercare kits which Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM) will distribute to their local clinics: Maxi sanitary pads, instant heating pads, other comfort items and personal notes of support.
No need to bring any of these items – we’ll have them ready.


  • RSVP for the NCJW Opening Meeting by October 15th –everyone is welcome!
  • Bring an object or photo that represents what sisterhood means to you
  • Help assemble the kits at the meeting
  • Donate funds by October 15th so we can purchase supplies for the kits in advance of the meeting
Click here to RSVP today!
The cost of each kit is $10. Our goal is to raise at least $1,000 to cover local Planned Parenthood clients for one month, and hopefully more!

Online: https://donorbox.org/abortion-aftercare-kits
or send a check to: NCJW Sacramento Section, P.O. Box 340174,Sacramento, CA 95834