January 23

Courageous Conversations

5:00 pm — 6:30 pm

Via Zoom

As part of our abortion access campaign, we intend to educate and empower. Courageous Conversations is one program to do just that. Please join us. Learn, share, and give to protect and expand abortion access.

Registration closes January 20th. Click here to register today!

Courageous Conversations on Abortion
Sunday, January 23, 2022, at 5 pm via zoom.
UPDATE: Virtual Conversations, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Learn, share, and give to protect and expand abortion access.

You are invited to a virtual evening of learning and meaningful conversations about abortion access, including medical abortions. Let’s stand together against assaults on essential health care.

On Zoom, NCJW Sacramento will join NCJW/LA and partners, for Courageous Conversations on Abortion. We will first hear from the guest speakers and then break into small Sacramento groups led by our Section facilitators who will guide our discussion. A minimum $15.00 registration fee for the program will go to WRRAP, Women’s Rights Reproductive Access Project, which helps disadvantaged women across the nation gain access to safe, legal abortion services and emergency contraceptives. This is an excellent way to give a tax deductible donation to an abortion fund approved by our national organization and founded by NCJW/LA in 1991.

Click here to register: https://www.ncjwla.org/donations/NCJWsac/. NCJW/LA is taking care of registration so don’t be confused when you go to the registration page. Just register under the NCJW Sacramento option! Note that when you register, you will make the tax deductible donation to NCJW/LA which will pass it through to the national abortion fund, WRAPP.

Join NCJW Sacramento’s 73Forward Section subcommittee which will implement the national campaign locally. We want you to be part of it! No experience necessary. Contact Claire and be part of the team to protect abortion access.