Why Support NCJW Sacramento in Your End-Of-Year Giving?

NCJW Sacramento Section makes grants to Women’s Empowerment (WE) graduates to assist women experiencing homelessness break the cycle of poverty and move towards self-sufficiency.

The Bridge to Success (BTS) program is funded annually by the Sacramento Section through member contributions and provides quarterly grants to Women’s Empowerment (WE) program graduates who need assistance with expenses that stand in their way of moving forward towards a healthy, safe, and independent life for themselves and their children. As their program director put it, both WE and the BTS program “give these women a hand up, not a hand out.”

Examples of expenses we have funded are rent deposits, past due utility bills, library fines, education expenses and tuition, transportation, car repairs, SMOG tests, DMV registration, computer software, laptops and work tools and equipment. We get multiple requests each quarter and often can’t meet the amount requested. Last quarter we awarded $148 for a storage fee, $300 for a past due SMUD bill, and $637 for storage fees to retrieve belongings, and past due utility bills. The prior quarter we awarded $236 to renew DMV registration, $276 for car repairs, and $200 for Community College tuition. These small grants are life-changing.

Recently, NCJW awarded Ashley, a single mother of two children, money to cover expenses associated with moving into a low-income apartment. Ashley is a survivor of domestic violence and had been homeless since 2021, living under a roof in a hazardous environment. She now works full-time while also attending school and is about to complete her GED. Thanks to NCJW members’ generosity we were able to provide the amount she requested, making it possible for her to move into an apartment where she celebrated Thanksgiving with her children in their new home.

Help us continue to make a difference in the lives of these women and their children by making a 2022 End-Of-Year donation before December 31, 2022.

members rallying at the state capitol with signs supporting reproductive justice
We organize, advocate, and educate on reproductive justice. Our 73Forward Committee advanced our abortion rights work inducing:

  • Legislative advocacy for Proposition 1, enshrining the right to abortion in the California constitution, including a statewide educational forum and text-banking.
  • Contribution to National NCJW’s abortion fund to help people in states where abortion has been criminalized.
  • “Repro Shabbats” featuring our Board members educating congregants at B’nai Israel, Beth Shalom, Bet Haverim on reproductive justice through a Jewish lens.
  • Multiple speaking engagements to raise awareness about the abortion rights landscape.
  • Facilitation of Courageous Conversations among members and friends to share their personal abortion stories.
  • Thank you letter campaign to Planned Parenthood staff.
  • Thank you email campaign to sympathetic state legislators.
  • Providing up-to-the minute education of membership on abortion access legislation, Presidential executive orders, lawsuits and actions members can take.
  • Organizing membership participation in abortion access rallies.

Please support our commitment to the 73Forward movement and our important work to help protect abortion access! Make a 2022 End-Of-Year donation before December 31, 2022.

Photo montage of members at various NCJW Sacramento events.

Why make NCJW part of your End-of-Year Giving – Connection!

Whether you’re a single-issue advocate or want to make dinner for a women’s shelter once a month, or simply want to create friendships with like-minded women, we create space for you.

We create the programs, events, and environment to build a community of compassionate and passionate women.

Here’s a snapshot of the ways we’ve created connection over the past year:

  • Rosh Chodesh potlucks
  • Sock it To Me Sunday Hanukkah Celebration and Mitzvah in a Minute
  • Journey Together Toward Justice Opening Meeting
  • Not-so-Trivial Installation and Trivia Night
  • Bagel to Bao featuring Food Writer Elaine Corn and Chef David Soohoo
  • Volunteering at the Sacramento Jewish Film Festival
  • Meet and Greet for New and Newish Members
  • Courageous Conversations on Abortion

Please help us continue to be a place for progressive women to connect and have a positive impact on our community – together. Make a 2022 End-Of-Year donation before December 31, 2022.

image of administrative assistant working on laptop, website and social media
We have a part-time administrative support contractor who makes magic happen! She deftly manages our email communications, designs and maintains our website and our digital and hard-copy graphics, oversees our membership records and donations, and anticipates the needs of the organization, all with grace, creativity, and efficiency. And, we compensate her accordingly. Your end-of-year contribution helps us pay for her invaluable services. Make a 2022 End-Of-Year donation before December 31, 2022.