Help Us Make Sure Everyone Votes!

This year there is a major effort underway in some states and localities to discourage voter turnout for the November election. In response to this threat, NCJW-California has joined with activists across the U.S. on a voter turnout project called “Vote Forward.” The purpose of the campaign is to write personalized letters to voters in underrepresented communities, who don’t always make it to the polls, urging them to vote.

NCJW-Sacramento has signed up for this statewide NCJW effort and would love to have as many of you as possible join us. It’s easy, fun, and something to do with moments of downtime or mindless TV. And it couldn’t be more important. Recently, we’ve been reminded in violent and heartbreaking ways how critical it is that the voices of underrepresented Americans are heard. So join us! Complete this form and we’ll send everything you need to get going.

Would you like to join the committee working on the Vote Forward Campaign? Let us know by contacting Barbara Baran.