Don’t Ignore this Important Election

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Dear NCJW Sacramento members and friends,

I’m writing to you personally because I believe that too many of us are paying insufficient attention to the upcoming election. On September 14, California will decide whether to remove our current governor from office. Given the numbers of crises now facing our state, the stakes are high.

Historically, however, few people vote in off-year elections, when a national presidential candidate is not on the ballot, and so there is a very real danger that this important decision will be made by a tiny minority of California voters.

Every voter should receive their ballot by August 16th. The ballot contains two questions: (1) Should Governor Newsom be recalled, and (2) Regardless of how you voted on the first question, if the governor is recalled, who should replace him? If more than 50% of voters say that Newsom should be recalled, the top vote-getter among those running to replace him will serve the rest of Newsom’s term, regardless of how few votes that candidate gets.

You can return your ballot by mail or drop it off at a Ballot Drop Box or Vote Center between now and election day. A list of Drop Box and Vote Center Locations can be found in your Voter Information Guide or at

The National Council of Jewish Women believes that the vote is the foundation of our democracy. I urge you not to ignore this important election. Please vote and please share this message widely among your friends and family.

Respectfully yours,

Eileen Jacobowitz
National Council of Jewish Women, Sacramento