Demand the release of Yuba Jail ICE Detainees

This is incredibly URGENT. The greater NorCal Immigrant Justice community around the country has been focused on our immigrant brothers and sisters that have been wrongly detained by ICE and are at great risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its rate of spread in our State. We all want to see ICE Detainees released from county and state facilities, and private facilities, to help keep them safe, because they shouldn’t be there to begin with! Locally, this means releasing ICE Detainees from the Yuba County Jail per the below recommendations.

Our good friends with the Sacramento Immigration Coalition and the Campaign for Immigrant Detention Reform, have written a letter we are asking you all to sign that will go to the Yuba County leaders and to the head of SF ICE, to demand the detainees’ release from the Yuba County Jail, the only NorCal ICE detention facility, and to help end the campaign of cruelty ICE subjects them to.

Regarding the ICE Detainees, (from the letter) the recommendations are:
The jail should –
1) release all people in ICE custody eligible for Alternatives to Detention;
2) immediately release on parole anyone older than 60, immune compromised, pregnant or who has underlying conditions;
3) immediately provide soap, CDC-recommended hand sanitizer, medical care, comprehensive sanitation and cleaning of facilities, and other safety measures as recommended by the CDC for those who remain incarcerated;
4) eliminate medical copays;
5) grant humanitarian parole requests; and
6) lift all fees for calls to family members.

We ask you to sign on to this letter TODAY, so we can continue our collective efforts to obtain a humanitarian release for them.

You can read the letter and background information, and sign on here: Please sign on and share with your networks, friends, and family.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to obtain release of the ICE Detainees.

– The Jewish Action NorCal Team