Bridge to Success

NCJW's National Platform includes a commitment to working on Economic Justice, Human Needs Funding, The Well-Being of Women, Children, and Families, Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence. We are pleased to be partnering with Women's Empowerment, a local nonprofit organization which addresses these issues in its programs, in awarding our new Bridge to Success Grants.

Each year, Women's Empowerment holds four 8½ week sessions to train women with the job and interpersonal skills necessary to obtain employment, create healthy lifestyles, and regain homes for themselves and their children. These students are unemployed and often homeless. They may lack healthcare and childcare. Some have been trafficked. Others have had abusive partners. Year after year, woman by woman, Women’s Empowerment gives people their lives back.


Since 2001, Women’s Empowerment has provided services to over 1,300 women and 3,000 children. In 2015, 93% of women had regained a safe home for their children and 83% of women had secured a job or enrolled in school or training programs.

NCJW Sacramento is the first nonprofit organization to partner with Women’s Empowerment in assisting the individual graduates of their programs. We learned of an unmet need and decided to fill it — graduates often have relatively small problems that stand in the way of stability, such as lacking the money to get a car smogged and registered, or a bicycle repaired, or a utility bill paid, or a rent deposit put down.

Since 2016, The Bridge to Success grant committee has met quarterly to award grants to multiple recipients. By September 2016, the committee realized that $500.00 per quarter needed to be increased. The NCJW Sacramento board and NCJW National approved an increase to $1,000.00 per quarter. The applicant’s request range from $25.00 to $1,000 +, the needs vary. Some examples are transportation, housing, library fines, court fees, dental care, education and career licensure. To make an online donation, please complete and submit the Bridge to Success Grant Program form on this page.

Please join us on May 6, 2018 for “Celebrating Empowerment,” our first Bridge to Success Fundraiser

Every dollar raised will provide funds for quarterly Bridge to Success grants to be awarded to Women’s Empowerment graduates. These grants help those graduates who have relatively small problems that stand in the way of stability and prevent them from taking that one final step toward ending homelessness. For event and registration information, visit: Celebrating Empowerment Bridge to Success Fundraiser


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