Sister Nora’s Place

Sister Nora’s Place is a long-term, overnight shelter serving chronically homeless, mentally ill women. It provides shelter and case management to 13 women who can stay as long as they need to.

Our members have watched these women gain life-skills, reconnect with family and move on to live on their own. For those members who volunteer to provide meals, it doesn’t require a lot of time but the rewards are many. The second Wednesday and the forth Thursday, section members prepare meals to take to Sister Nora’s Place. Six teams of four or five women each prepare meals and deliver them on a rotating basis, so each team prepares four meals a year. Often, team members stay and have dinner with the women living there.

Sister Nora’s Place operates under Loaves and Fishes. Loaves and Fishes feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless. They provide an oasis of welcome, safety, and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking survival services. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us. If you are in need, contact Sister Nora's Place directly at (916) 669-7000.






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