Knitting Project

Thanks to Barbara Kletzman who started the blanket project, NCJW members and friends have knitted or crocheted over 1000 baby blankets that are donated to two local hospitals. Each baby leaves with a beautiful blanket.

The project started so that a group of women could get together and socialize at the Albert Einstein Residential Center while knitting or crocheting blankets to donate.  It also provided a meaningful project for others who liked to keep their hands moving and wanted to give back to the community. An added bonus came when it was discovered that a few of the women at Sister Nora’s crocheted. Using yarn donated by members, women at Sister Nora’s began making blankets by the hundreds. It is a win, win, win. The women feel a sense of accomplishment by giving back to the community, the babies receive wonderful, colourful blankets and NCJW has the pleasure of bringing warmth, community and well-being to women and children in Sacramento.







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