The members of the NCJW Sacramento Section are part of a powerful network of more than 100 sections, section branches, affinity groups, and statewide groups. Members of all affiliations share a commitment to the mission of NCJW and the belief that progressive ideals put into action can improve the world. Together we impact over 500 communities, addressing the needs of women, children, and families at the local level by identifying distinct challenges, developing responses, and delivering support and strength from coast to coast.

We are a volunteer organization that has been at the forefront of social change for over a century.  Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW courageously takes a progressive and visible stance on issues such as child welfare, women’s rights and reproductive freedom on all governmental levels – local, state and federal. But NCJW doesn’t limit its advocacy to government. NCJW, Sacramento Section, maintains and supports programs which directly affect the daily lives of individuals in our local community.

Family Shalom is our flagship effort begun by our members in response to  Domestic Violence occurring in the Jewish Community. Since beginning in 1999, Family Shalom has also become actively involved with education on Elder Abuse, Teen Relationships and the work to end Human Trafficking. To raise awareness and work on behalf of ending human trafficking, we launched our Slave Free Chocolate Campaign and sell fair traded chocolate through Equal Exchange.

Political advocacy is another strength of our Section that impacts our community and the entire state – Lobby Day at the State Capitol and Women Take Back the Night are two examples.

For the past 30 years, we've thrown an awesome Chanukah party at the Albert Einsten Residence Center for Seniors. Our volunteers serve dinners regularly at Sister Nora’s Place where women are given long-term shelter and case management when they have a history of homelessness, trauma and serious mental and physical illness. Some of our volunteers give their time at the Sacramento Crisis Nurseries, a program of the Sacramento Children’s Home which is a non-profit agency providing services to families in crisis, as well as troubled and abused children.

As the problem of youth homelessness grows in our community, so does the need to address the issue and the Wish List Project at Wind Youth Services receives the support of our members. We have wish lists for 4 organizations:  WEAVE, Women's Empowerment, Sacramento Crisis Nurseries and Wind Youth Services.

The women of NCJW Sacramento Section make a difference in the local Sacramento community in varied and important ways. If you are interested in contributing to the future welfare of women, children and your local community, the Sacramento Section of the National Council of Jewish Women is for you. For information on our programs and how to take action, please attend one of our Events and check into becoming a Member.