Protect Abortion Access

On January 23rd, NCJW Sacramento joined NCJW/LA and other groups to host Courageous Conversations, one component of 73Forward. We learned about the abortion access landscape including the restrictions that 26 states are imposing and the prospect of the Supreme Court limiting access.  The restrictions create severe burdens on those who already face difficulties getting health care services, those of low income, people who are experiencing homelessness, BIPOC (black indigenous and other people of color), rural residents and the LGBTQ population.  One hopeful glimmer is the lifting of  federal restrictions on medication abortion (two pills up to 10 weeks of pregnancy).  The FDA will now allow patients to get the medications by mail or from any pharmacy after a telehealth visit with a physician.  States are trying to limit that as well, however.  Thirty Section members registered for the event and our Section raised over $850 for the abortion fund, Womens Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP).  WRRAP was founded in 1991 by NCJW/LA and is now the largest national organization providing funds to those who face financial and other barriers to obtaining an abortion.  We will soon be setting up a  link for donations to this and other organizations who assist and provide for abortion access.  Information on the many ways you can engage on protecting abortion will soon be available on our website.

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