Celebrating an Unsung Heroine: Becky Goad

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) Sacramento recognized Becky Goad, a genuine “Unsung Heroine” during Founder’s Day, Sunday, April 8, 2018.

Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms. An UNSUNG HEROINE is a person who symbolizes these ideals, working without recognition to better this world.

What truly makes Becky Goad our “Unsung Heroine” is her unwavering commitment to NCJW. A long-time second-generation NCJW member, her strong feelings for issues affecting women and children have led Becky to focus her work on NCJW projects, such as Family Shalom and Bridge to Success. According to Becky, “It’s where my passion is, and I like knowing I’ve had an impact, however small.”

In honor of Becky, NCJW members, family and friends paid tribute with a donation and a sentence or two of congratulations. View the heartfelt and inspiring words from friends and family who celebrated Becky’s significant contributions to NCJW Sacramento:

An unsung heroine who is always ready, enthusiastically willing,
and VERY able!
- Iris Bachman

Mazel Tov, Becky!
- Charlotte Ballard

To a wonderful Family Shalom sister. Congratulations!
- Barbara Baran

Your devotion to NCJW and the community is constant and amazing. For your dedication to NCJE and lovely way with everyone, I congratulate you on this special honor.
- Carol Blackman

To honor Becky for her steadfast commitment to NCJW
and to the memory of her beloved mother, Jean Halfant.
- Sheila Budman

Mazel Tov on your devoted work for NCJW. You’ve brought fun to the many projects we’ve shared.
- Sharon Cohen

Becky selflessly gives her time and talents to benefit the many programs NCJW advances here in the Sacramento area and in Israel.
- Loretta Donovan

Congratulations. A well-deserved honor.
- Marcia Edelstein

Becky is the best kind of volunteer. When she agrees to do something, always with enthusiasm and a smile, it will be done in a timely and thorough way. We have been on a Sister Nora’s Place team since its inception and she make desserts the women love. She has been a loyal, dedicated NCJW volunteer for as long as I can remember.
- Anne Eisenberg

You are a role model with a long history of involvement
and so deserving of this honor.
- Lindie Henderson

Mazel Tov Becky! Your mom, Jean Halfant, would have been so proud of you!
- Lydia Inghram

Thanks so much for all you have done!
- Arlene Kaplan

Much appreciation for all you have done!
- Sandy Kaufman

In honor of the many years of hard work and devotion
you have contributed to NCJW.
You are following in your mom's footsteps.
- Barbara Kletzman

Mazel Tov Becky - So well deserved - Hugs.
- Marianne Laws

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor.
- Fran Levy

Your contributions to NCJW Sacramento add much value
and always are done with wonderful spirit and your beautiful smile.
- Claire Lipschultz

Becky brings perspective, history, and enthusiasm to her participation in NCJW. Her smile is infectious; her greeting when working event registrations welcoming. We have been on several committees together. Becky’s observations are always helpful. She is both supportive and thoughtful in meetings and has been a total pleasure on the Communications Committee which she most recently agreed to co-chair. Mazel Tov, Becky.
- Beryl Michaels

Thank you, Becky, for your commitment to NCJW, always sharing your talents
and beautiful smile!

- Bonnie Penix

Becky, NCJW has become the strong contributing organization because of the constant presence of members like you.
- Betty Reuben

Congratulations, Becky.
I have always respected your gentle manner and engaging smile as well as your thoughtful and knowledgeable participation in all that NCJW does.
- Naomi Rice

Congratulations Mom on this amazing honor from NCJW. Truth be told, you've always been my heroine. I love you so very much! xox
- Adam Robinson

Becky, you are a true inspiration for all of us! This award is well-deserved and we are proud to know you!
- Love, Shirley Rosenbloom

Becky, you are amazing.
- Linda Schroeder

Thank you for your dedication and hardwork.
- Andrea Segal

Well deserved!
- Jo Anne Straus Silber

Becky, we've known each other for many years and throughout these decades
I have admired your commitment to NCJW and to tikkun olum. Congratulations.
- Lilly Spitz

- Michele Stern

Your dedication and commitment inspire us all.
- Patricia Sturdevant

Congratulations, Becky! Well deserved.
- Sheila Wolfe

Mazel Tov! Thanks for all you do and your wonderful friendship.
- Nanette Wong

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!
- Karen Ziskind


Becky Goad, NCJW Sacramento's 2018 Unsung Heroine

Becky honored as 2018 Unsung Heroine

Becky Goad with Anne Eisenberg, NCJW Sacramento Board President