Tribute Messages 2020

To Taliah Berger, in memory of your Mother, Madeline Frampton
Beryl Michaels

In honor of Sandi and Shel’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Barbara Binder

In honor of Randee Heselov’s 70th Birthday
Barbara Binder

For Anne, Claire, Eileen and Betty
Cecile Kaplan

In honor of Cecelia Kaplan – Birth of new grandson!
Betty Reuben

In honor of Eileen Jacobowitz – For receiving the Visionary Leadership Award
Susan Rosenberg

In honor of Betty Reuben – Happy 98th birthday
Beryl Michaels

Tribute to my niece, Amy Solov in honor of her new position as Co-Editor of The Bulletin
Karen Rothman

in honor of Lydia Inghram – With gratitude for my friend, NCJW Leader & Mentor
Sheila Wolfe

Claire Lipschultz – In honor of our friendship
Linda C. Fox