Action Alert: Send emails to City Council on Policing Reform

Please join us in writing to the Sacramento City Council (see their contact information below) to demand that our Sacramento Police Department’s use of force policy be brought in compliance with both California state law and the recommendations of the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission, a group of citizens appointed by the City Council to review Police Department actions and policies. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional inquiries about this Action Alert.

We suggest the following wording for your email:

As a resident of the City of Sacramento (please identify yourself as a constituent of the Council Member when that is the case) I strongly urge you to take immediate action to approve the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission’s recommendations on revising the use of deadly force, including fire arms, by the Sacramento Police Department.

In September of 2018, and again on July 1, 2020, the commission’s chair repeated the same recommendations about revising the Police Department’s use of deadly force policy to the City Council. The chair recommended that lethal force be used only when necessary and reasonable alternatives have been exhausted or are not feasible to protect public and officer safety. According to a report issued by California Attorney General Becerra on July 8, 2020, the Sacramento PD’s current policy of using lethal force based on a standard of reasonableness rather than the higher standard of necessity fails to comply with California law as enacted in Assembly Bill 392.

Please act immediately to bring our Police Department’s use of force policy into compliance with state law.

Sacramento City Council
District 1 – Angelique Ashby – (916) 808.7001 –
District 2 – Allen Warren – (916) 808-7002 –
District 3 – Vice Mayor Jeff Harris – (916) 808-7003 –
District 4 – Steve Hansen – (916) 808-7004 –
District 5 – Jay Schenirer – (916) 808-7005 –
District 6 – Eric Guerra – (916) 808-7006 –
District 7 – Rick Jennings, II – (916) 808-7007 –
District 8 – Larry Carr – (916) 808-7008 –