Request your Assemblymembers to co-author AB 629

Make a call to the legislative directors of your Assemblymembers offices. Please see the sample script below. For phone numbers to your assemblymembers’ office, visit:

As a constituent of Assemblymember (Name of your Assemblymember), I respectfully ask you to co-author AB 629, which would give human trafficking survivors a small bridge to a successful life after slavery. The National Council of Jewish Women California is a co – sponsor of this bill and those in previous years to help fight human trafficking. The bill proposes a modest change in existing law to allow victims of human trafficking fairer access to California Victim’s Compensation Board funds to which they should be entitled. I know Assemblymember (Name of your assemblymember) has supported legislation to help survivors in the past, and this bill will make a difference with a relatively small budget impact. Please consider and join the other members of the legislature who have signed on. We would appreciate your help in getting the bill signed by the Governor.